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You two get caught making out

 Niall: Niall had jut gotten back from a long day recording and you had cooked him a nice big dinner. “Niall babe, dinner is ready,” you said walking into the living room seeing him watching the tv. “Okay. Thanks babe,” Niall said turning the TV off. “It looks great (Y/N). But I don’t think I want dinner right now,” Niall trailed off and attacked your lips. Things had gotten pretty heated fast and right as Niall picked you up you heard a gasp. “(Y/N)! What are you doing!” Your mother yelled and Niall dropped you on the hard floor. “I’m sorry Princess!” Niall exclaimed. “(Y/N), why would you waste all that food!” your mom questioned. “Well, I was going to eat it with Niall but now I am sharing it with you and most likely dad,” you replied as you got off the ground and gave your mother a hug.

Liam: Liam and the boys invited you to one of their concerts and you where waiting for Liam to get dressed in his dressing room. “(Y/N), babe the boys are playing a twister want to come?” Liam asked as he entered his dressing room. “I don’t know Liam I was hoping that we could cuddle,” you replied. “Cuddling is good,” Liam said and he laid down next to wrapping his arms around your waist. You lightly pressed your lips to his and Liam kissed back with passion. “Hey Li- Oh my gosh!” you heard a voice shout. You two stop your make out and see Louis standing there mouth wide open. You giggled and Liam blushed lightly. “Louis could you get out? I need to continue getting ready for the concert,” Liam stated and went back to kissing you.

Louis: You and Louis spent the day together and where making out the whole day. You had to say it was a very good day. Eating, sleeping and kissing Louis was your favorite way to spend a lazy day. Though Louis was inviting the boys over to watch some soccer. “Louis, when are the boys coming over?” you asked him as you sat on his lap. “couple of minutes wh-” he began but you cut him off with a passionate kiss. He quickly kissed you back. A few minutes into the kiss you heard the door open but didn’t think to much about it. “So are we watching football?” Zayn asked. “you boys can. We are just going to go back to our kissing” Louis said and he kissed your lips again.

Zayn: Zayn had taken you to the movies for a date. “Zayn, this is a nice. Just us on a date with out anyone bugging us or taking pictures,” you said snuggling into his chest as the movie started. “yes it is,” Zayn mumbled and kissed the top of your head. Half way during the movie Zayn keep kissing the top of your head and cheek. “Zayn , what do you want?” you whispered. “Kiss me please?” Zayn asked and you didn’t say no. You crashed your lips on his and things got heated. While you two where so invoked with the kiss you didn’t notice the manger of the theater standing next to you. “Excuse me, Mama and Sir you two must leave the movie. You are disturbing other people,” the manger said and you two blushed and left the theater.

Harry: Harry was your best friend but things have begun to grow awkward between the two of you. One night you went over to Harry’s apartment to confront him about the awkwardness. “Harry, we need to talk!” you yelled as you opened the door to his apartment. “(Y/N), about what?” Harry asked as he walked into the living room shirtless. “About the awkwardness! You know I haven’t talked to you for three days and I am losing my mind not hearing you!” you shouted at him. “I’m sorry! Alright! I can’t look at the girl I love and not want to snog her face off!” he shouted back and you looked at him like he was insane. He walked up to you and kissed you with passion. Only a few minutes pass when you hear some one clear their throat. “Harry are you cheating on me?” a blonde girl asked. “no, we never were together,” he replied and kissed you again. ( A/N: I know this is really bad but I hope you all enjoy it :) - Paige :))

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